Wednesday, October 28, 2009

-Review: Snitch by Allison Van Diepen


                   My summary:
In a city and school split into two groups, the Bloods and the Crips, remaining neutral is not only hard--it's dangerous. Say the wrong thing around the wrong gang and it could cost you your life.

But Julia DeVino has always has her mind set on excluding herself from the deadly and fast-paces lifestyle of the gangbangers. In addition with her struggle to stay indifferent, she also hasn't had much luck with relationships--the 1st boyfriend she had also became her last when the relationship went all wrong.

But when sexy and mysterious Eric moves into town, Julia finds herself not only questioning her beliefs about relationships, but the morals she's lived by all of her life.

***SPOILER WARNING*** My following review contains minor spoilers for Snitch. They're not major enough to ruin the book for anyone planning to read it, but if you'd rather just experience it for yourself, you might just want to skip this review. Don't worry, I'll forgive you ;]

I found out about this book on and it caught my eye as I've had interactions with gangs and gang members myself. I thought I might be able to relate to it a bit, and I did to a certain extent. Since the book takes place in New York and I've been raised in the south, there were small differences in the gangs down here and the gangs up north. Things like rituals and initiations varied a bit, but all in all, the majority of it was the same old.

Though I could relate to a lot of the events in the book, I couldn't relate myself to Julia as a character. I could sympathize for her when her so-called "true friends" she'd known for years abandoned her after she told Eric he was going to be jumped outside the club they were at. I can understand she was lonely, with her dad never at home and her friends shunning her, and was desperate to fit in somewhere. However I lost a lot of respect for her after she chose to join the Crips. I admired her at the beginning of the book for standing up so strongly for her opinions. o when she ended up joining a gang I felt like she was kind of weak for just forgetting all her beliefs she'd supposedly felt so strongly about her whole life.

The ending was surprising--definitely not expected. Wanna know what happens?
Sorry, can't tell you!  Ha ha ha.....


 Overall I enjoyed this story. I haven't given away too much details so if it sounds like the kind of read you're interested in then go right ahead. I'd recommend it.


Andrea said...

Well, now I'm wondering about the ending. Great review!