Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Award time!

I was feeling giving, so I created these (though not very creative) awards :] At least they're cute though right?

This is an award for blogs whose template & overall look I just adore :]

And with that said, I'm giving this to:
  • Park Avenue Princess - I've never been jealous of a blog until now! Her...well, her EVERYTHING on her blog is just too cute. I love all the pink & girly-ness of it all
  • Imperial Beach Teen Blog - I always love to find a blog that's easy to scroll through & not too cluttered, and this is one of them. Plus I found a few books to be released that I hadn't heard of.
  • Princess Bookie - I'm a sucker for pink (if you didn't know by now!) and I'm feelin' the big cupcakes--Cindy's sweet template gives me a sweet tooth.

 This award is going to my all-time favorite blogs!

  • Tales Of Whimsy - She always leaves sweet comments, and her reviews are the best of the best.
  • Book Nerds - I love this blog, and their look for October is my favorite holiday-based layout I've seen so far!

    Hope you all like them!! Pass 'em on :D


    Park Avenue Princess said...

    Andrea! You've Completely MADE My ENTIRE Week! I'm SO honored! Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU! You're such an amazing person, blogger and friend!

    Again, Thank you for thinking of me! I'll definitely pass them on! They're extrememly CUTE!

    x0xx Park-Avenue Princess

    PS I've got to get back on the Giveaways! I've got SO many to put up! Watch for them!

    Lots of Love!

    Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

    Oh punkin!
    Thank you!

    This is absolutely SOOOO sweet!

    What an honor.

    Thank you again.

    Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

    I gave it back out :) Check my blog to see:

    Kilee's Closet said...

    Awww you totally just made my day Andrea! Thank you so much. :D